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What To Tell Your Web Designer Before You Begin A Project

Developing a website is a milestone for any business. You’re planting your flag on the internet and letting potential customers know that you’re officially open for business. But before the design work begins, there are a few important pieces of information that you should offer your web designer so that they can create exactly the online masterpiece that you’ve been dreaming of. Some of these pieces of information to convey include:

1 - The features your site absolutely, positively must have

Whether it’s a blog or a photo gallery where you can showcase customers loving your products, if there are essential features that your site needs to have, it’s important to make this clear to your designer before any work begins. With this in mind, they’ll be able to craft a site that perfectly showcases these features.

2 - Who to contact if they have questions

As your site’s development process is humming along, your designer may need clarification on something. They should know exactly who to ask for assistance if questions arise. If you’ve got three different people who think that they have final say on everything website related, the process becomes confusing and can cause delays.

3 - The kinds of sites you love

If your internet travels cause you to stumble on a website that you think is top-notch, make sure to send a link over to your designer. Regardless of whether the site has anything to do with your business, understanding your idea of a model of excellence will make it easier for your designer to create a finished product that you’re proud to show off. Bonus points if you can highlight what it is about the site that you find so appealing. For example, do you love the font? The layout? The color scheme?

4 - The kinds of sites you don’t like

Conversely, if you come across a website that makes you cringe, send that link over to your designer, too. This way they know what to avoid as they’re working. You should also try to pinpoint the specific aspects of the site that you don’t find appealing so that they can understand what not to incorporate into your finished project.

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