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Why Professional Photography is Worth the Investment

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You just got a brand new iPhone and are pretty impressed with the pictures you’re able to take of your kids, your neighborhood, and, yep, even your food. You’re even considering skipping the professional photographer and handling the images for your new website yourself. But while you may be a talented shutterbug, here are some reasons why professional photography is still worth the investment:

These photos represent your business

Potential customers are using your website to gauge whether they want to work with you. If they head to your site and see images that are blurry, feature bad lighting, or are otherwise poor quality, they’ll end up making the assumption that this is representative of the kind of work your business puts out. You may be the best jeweler, lawyer, or chef in your area, but if the pictures on your site make you look mediocre, you’ll have a difficult time landing new business.

You’ll use these photos in many places

Yes, you’ll use these images on your website, but don’t forget that these pictures will do double duty, as you’ll use them on social media as well. These platforms are extremely important when it comes to attracting a potential customer’s eye. Therefore, you want to do more than just release blurry selfies and hope for the best.

Your customers want to get a real feel for your business

Some entrepreneurs believe that stock photos can do the trick when it comes to the images on their site. While stock photos work in a pinch, it’s worthwhile to invest in professional photos that give would-be customers a sense of what your office is actually like. What can they expect to see when they walk in? Who are your employees? These images are much more impactful than stock photos of generic looking people in generic looking spaces.

While you’ll need to invest a little money in professional photos, the good news is that you can find talented photographers without breaking your budget. Need guidance on how to get photos you’ll love, without experiencing sticker shock? Contact me!

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