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Why You Need a Web Developer That Understands Copywriting

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Finding a web developer who can execute your vision and give you a beautiful site is essential. But there’s a key second piece to this puzzle that many people overlook: the words that fill your site. If your site looks great but doesn’t effectively illustrate why your business is unique, you’re selling yourself short. Because of this, it’s crucial that you partner with a web designer that also excels at copywriting.

Why does content rule? Two reasons: people and Google. People have more options in front of them than ever before when they’re making a buying decision. They’re also finicky. If they don’t like what they see on one website, they can quickly hit “x” and check out three other sites that might appeal to them. Therefore, if you’ve got a great site with copy that’s simply unreadable, you could be losing potential customers because of a fixable problem.

Then there’s the Google factor. Google loves and rewards unique content. If you’re populating your site with product descriptions you copied and pasted from a manufacturer and two generic sentences about your business, your site will never rank well on Google. This makes it hard for potential clients to find out about you as they’re browsing the web. But when you’ve got killer copy on your site, you’re benefiting the real people who are visiting it, as well as the search engines. It’s a win-win situation.

Before you partner with a web designer, it’s important to inquire about copywriting. Do they offer copywriting services? What are the writer’s qualifications? Ideally, this person will get to know you and your business before doing any writing work. This allows them to more accurately convey what your company is all about. It gives the content personality. Now your brand has a voice.

Think of web design and copywriting as an inseparable duo: Batman and Robin. PB and J. Mickey Mouse and Minnie. You’ve got to have both parts in order to have a fully complete product.

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