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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Give Away a Free Sample of Your Services

It seems counter-intuitive: you give a potential customer a free sample in order to get them to spend money. Why would you want to spend time on a free offering when you could be working on business for paying clients? Yet the notion of giving a “freebie” is actually a powerful sales tool, regardless of your industry. Here’s why you should consider setting some time aside to add a freebie to your website:

It helps you get eyeballs

You’ve got an awesome product…. that no one’s ever heard of. This doesn’t take away from home awesome it is, but you’re probably not going to sell much of it. A freebie allows you to get eyeballs on your product. Hey, people love free stuff! Once would-be customers are engaging with the offering and are (hopefully!) impressed by how great it is, they’ll be inclined to purchase it in full for themselves.

It can help draw attention to your other products

Let’s say Sally finds out about your free e-book called 101 Kitten Care Tips. She’s impressed by the content and now views you as a trusted resourced in the pet industry. She’ll probably return to your site when she has a question about kitty dietary concerns and may feel inclined to click on your e-book on this topic too, this time making a purchase.

It sets you apart from the pack

You’re a cat expert producing great content about caring for felines. Unfortunately, so are thousands of other people. So how do you get people browsing the Internet looking for answers about curing hairballs to come check out your content instead of someone else’s? That’s where a freebie becomes useful! When you provide a free sample of your work, you’re showing your expertise to potential customers, and piquing their interest in your services. Now you’re no longer just another cat blogger who may be informed, but also may be completely full of nonsense. You’re a bonafide thought leader, and you can bet that when they have a question about why their cat is acting a certain way, they’ll come to your site first before headed to Joe’s Great Cat Blog.

In order to make your freebie beneficial for both your business and potential clients, make sure it’s actually full of relevant information. Even if it’s free, no one will be intrigued for very long if the freebie is all fluff. Don’t forget to add a strong call to action, too! You’ve got eyeballs, now tell them what you want them to do next! Should they purchase the next e-book in the series? Should they join your Facebook group?

If you’re interested in creating a freebie for your business and need some help getting started, I’m happy to help! Contact Me for a consultation.

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