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Why Your Business Needs a Website, Even If You’re Good at Social Media

Business owners spend an abundance of time carefully cultivating their company’s social media presence. It’s exhausting but important work, no doubt. But a wise business owner doesn’t rely solely on social media to promote their brand.

Why do you need a website in addition to a strong social media presence?

Here are a few reasons:

A website allows you to provide potential customers with more information

Visiting your Facebook or Instagram pages can give customers some insight into what your brand’s all about, but websites allow you to take that information to the next level. Unlike Twitter, websites don’t have character limits. This allows you to elaborate about the products or services you offer, provide details about how to get in touch, showcase customer reviews, and more.

Websites are better at converting visitors to paying customers

While someone may have their interest piqued by a visit to your Facebook page, using social media to get customers to make a purchase isn’t always easy. Your website, on the other hand, can be customized to increase the chances that you convert visitors to customers.

Websites provide you with more information about what potential customers are looking for

While you can see how many people liked or commented on a Facebook post you created, ultimately your information about why people are visiting your page or what they’re looking for is limited. When your business has its own website, you’re able to use tools like Google Analytics to learn exactly what a visitor is after when they check out your site. This makes it easier to tailor your site accordingly, thus boosting the chances that you turn that visitor into a paying customer.

Your website helps you stand out during a Google search

While a potential customer may find your Instagram page when they’re poking around on the app, when you want to make sure your business comes up during a potential customer’s Google search, an updated website is a great way to make this happen. By regularly adding fresh, keyword-friendly content, you’re ensuring that when someone is searching for terms that relate to your industry, they’ll easily find your business.

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