Is Your Logo Missing the Mark? 4 Ways to Tell

By Keith on July 02, 2018

When done correctly, your logo becomes synonymous with your brand. Just by reading the names FedEx or Coca-Cola, you can immediately picture their logos in your mind, right? While your company’s logo may not be as universally known as what these massive brands have to offer, your logo should still be fairly recognizable and easy […]

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How to Balance Professionalism and Personality On Your Company’s Website

By Keith on June 11, 2018

As you craft the content for your company’s website, you want to ensure that the pages properly reflect your brand’s voice, while still maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism. It can be a tricky line to toe, so here are some tips on finding that perfect balance: Think about how you’d want someone to describe […]

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Why Offering a “Freebie” On Your Site Can Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

By Keith on June 01, 2018

It may seem slightly counter-intuitive: offer up a freebie on your site in order to earn more clients. But if you’re looking to convert visitors into paying clients, offering a small piece of content at no charge is a powerful strategy. Here are some perks to providing a freebie on your site: It creates multiple […]

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How to use your website to tell your brand’s story

By Keith on May 16, 2018

Your company’s website is an extension of your brand. Regardless of what your brand stands for (from clean eating to the trendiest shoes available) the images and text found on your site help would-be customers know what to expect from your company. Here are a few ways to ensure that your website is properly communicating […]

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Spring clean your website

By Keith on May 01, 2018

Spring has finally sprung, and while your attention may be turned to cleaning out your closets and cabinets, don’t forget about your business’s website too. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your site some proper TLC, here are some areas in which to focus your attention: Regular backups While no one likes to […]

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How to Freshen Up Your Web Copy When Time is Limited

By Keith on April 16, 2018

You know that your website’s copy needs to be updated regularly, both for your visitors’ benefit, as well as for SEO purposes. However, your days are jam-packed as is, and consistently finding time to update your website’s copy proves to be a challenge. Here are a few techniques on keeping your web copy fresh, without […]

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How to Get Testimonials For Your Site Without Hounding Your Clients

By Keith on April 11, 2018

Testimonials pack a powerful punch when it comes to converting sales via your website. However, asking past clients to take time out of a busy day to write about why they loved working with you isn’t always easy. Maybe you’re too nervous to ask in the first place, or you do ask and your customer […]

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What To Do When You Need a New Website ASAP

By Keith on March 26, 2018

You know your current website is an eyesore. It’s outdated, it’s clunky, and the content hasn’t been touched in months. In fact, you’re not sure if you can stand to look at it for another week. This feeling is frustrating, and you may feel equally aggravated knowing that you have to wait patiently as your […]

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Creating a website for your non-profit organization

By Keith on March 13, 2018

When you’re creating a website for your non-profit organization, your needs and goals will vary drastically from, say, a restaurant or a law firm. However, there are still a few key elements that any good website needs to include. Here’s how to make your non-profit’s website useful for your visitors. Make sure your mission is […]

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Why Professional Photography is Worth the Investment

By Keith on February 20, 2018

You just got a brand new iPhone and are pretty impressed with the pictures you’re able to take of your kids, your neighborhood, and, yep, even your food. You’re even considering skipping the professional photographer and handling the images for your new website yourself. But while you may be a talented shutterbug, here are some […]

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How to Develop a Strong Call to Action

By Keith on February 05, 2018

You spent time and money creating a website to attract the attention of potential new clients. You paid someone to take professional photos of your staff and office. You even carve out time each week to write new posts for your company blog. Despite these efforts, somehow you’re still not seeing the ROI you had […]

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How to Use Your Business’s Website to Introduce a Rebrand

By Keith on January 19, 2018

Letting your customers know that you’ve rebranded your business takes both time and concentrated effort. If you’ve become established in your community for carrying a certain type of product, it’s not easy to change consumer perception. However, your company’s website can be a powerful tool when you want to educate clients and potential clients about […]

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