6 Key Components to Include in Your Company’s Email Newsletter

By Keith on October 03, 2018

Email newsletters are the perfect way to keep your current customer base engaged, and they’re also great for landing new clients. But what should you add into that blank template staring back at you, just waiting to be sent out to eager readers? Great question! Here are a few ideas about what you should incorporate […]

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Why a Consistent Blogging Schedule Is Essential For Your Business

By Keith on September 17, 2018

How often have you heard people talk about the importance of consistency? Whether you’re trying to get into shape or would like to learn a new skill, showing up each day matters. The same could be said of your website’s blog posts. When you’re trying to build an audience and develop a following for your […]

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Google Analytics 101: The Pieces of Information Any Business Owner Should Know

By Keith on September 03, 2018

You’re trying to make it a point to understand Google Analytics so that you can tweak your website accordingly. After all, you want to make sure you’re creating a great experience for those visiting your site! But it’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in information when you try to decode all of the stats […]

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How to create a freebie your visitors will actually want

By Keith on August 16, 2018

Let’s face it: people love free stuff. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, where you live, or what you do for work, people love to feel like they’re getting something cool for absolutely nothing. But at the same time, you’ve also got a seemingly infinite number of people offering these freebies to people […]

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How to Prepare Your Website For an Influx of Traffic

By Keith on August 01, 2018

Whether you’ve got a major sale happening or are unleashing a new, in-demand product, it’s important to be properly prepared in the event that you suddenly see an influx of web traffic. It’s a good problem to have, of course, but ultimately a sudden burst of traffic can cause your site to shut down, leaving […]

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5 Elements Your Website’s Homepage Absolutely Must Have

By Keith on July 16, 2018

It can be confusing knowing exactly what to put on your website. You want to give a potential customer enough information to encourage them to make a purchase, but you don’t want to give so much detail that they feel overwhelmed and head over to a competitor’s site instead. Here are some of the key […]

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Is Your Logo Missing the Mark? 4 Ways to Tell

By Keith on July 02, 2018

When done correctly, your logo becomes synonymous with your brand. Just by reading the names FedEx or Coca-Cola, you can immediately picture their logos in your mind, right? While your company’s logo may not be as universally known as what these massive brands have to offer, your logo should still be fairly recognizable and easy […]

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How to Balance Professionalism and Personality On Your Company’s Website

By Keith on June 11, 2018

As you craft the content for your company’s website, you want to ensure that the pages properly reflect your brand’s voice, while still maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism. It can be a tricky line to toe, so here are some tips on finding that perfect balance: Think about how you’d want someone to describe […]

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Why Offering a “Freebie” On Your Site Can Convert Visitors Into Paying Customers

By Keith on June 01, 2018

It may seem slightly counter-intuitive: offer up a freebie on your site in order to earn more clients. But if you’re looking to convert visitors into paying clients, offering a small piece of content at no charge is a powerful strategy. Here are some perks to providing a freebie on your site: It creates multiple […]

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How to use your website to tell your brand’s story

By Keith on May 16, 2018

Your company’s website is an extension of your brand. Regardless of what your brand stands for (from clean eating to the trendiest shoes available) the images and text found on your site help would-be customers know what to expect from your company. Here are a few ways to ensure that your website is properly communicating […]

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Spring clean your website

By Keith on May 01, 2018

Spring has finally sprung, and while your attention may be turned to cleaning out your closets and cabinets, don’t forget about your business’s website too. If it’s been a while since you’ve given your site some proper TLC, here are some areas in which to focus your attention: Regular backups While no one likes to […]

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How to Freshen Up Your Web Copy When Time is Limited

By Keith on April 16, 2018

You know that your website’s copy needs to be updated regularly, both for your visitors’ benefit, as well as for SEO purposes. However, your days are jam-packed as is, and consistently finding time to update your website’s copy proves to be a challenge. Here are a few techniques on keeping your web copy fresh, without […]

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