Four Worthwhile New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business’s Website

By Keith on January 03, 2020

While you’re busy setting New Year’s resolutions about reading more and eating better, the start of 2020 is also a good time to turn your attention to your company’s website. What’s working well and where might you like to see some improvements? If you’re not sure where to focus your efforts as we kick off […]

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How To Tell If Your Website Worked Effectively For Your Brand This Year

By Keith on December 03, 2019

As we head into the end of the year, we start to reflect on what we executed well and where we could stand to improve in 2020. For business owners, you might take a moment and think about how your website factors into this equation. Here are some ways to tell if your website worked […]

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Four Easy Ways to Keep People on Your Website for Longer

By Keith on September 23, 2019

You’re getting tons of traffic to your website! Amazing! But are people actually sticking around when they get there? That’s another story. If you’d like to improve your bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who navigate away from your site after viewing just one page) then there are several techniques to start putting into practice. […]

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How to Protect Your Customers’ Sensitive Data to Protect Against a Security Breach

By Keith on August 08, 2019

Data and privacy are two hot topics today, as we become increasingly concerned with where our personal information goes once we enter it online. With data breaches and stories about apps like FaceApp having ties to Russia, it’s with good reason that people want to know what’s happening to their data as they read, shop, […]

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The Key Reasons Why Visitors Aren’t Sticking Around Your Website

By Keith on July 08, 2019

When you build your business’s website, you’re hoping that visitors will come check it out, stay, and then buy something. In reality, unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. If you’re looking at your bounce rate (how long a visitor stays on your site before “bouncing” away) and you’re unhappy with what you see, there are […]

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Four Easy Places to Search for Website Redesign Inspiration

By Keith on June 04, 2019

You’re feeling excited about redesigning your business’s website and have finally set aside the time and funds necessary to focus on the project. However, now it’s time to find some inspiration. What do you want the new site to look and feel like? If you’re trying to get a better handle on your vision so […]

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The surefire way to keep Gravity Form messages out of your Gmail spam folder

By Keith on May 23, 2019

Are your Gravity Form contact form emails getting trapping in your Gmail spam folder? If so, it’s a pretty common problem – and it’s easy to fix. Sure, you can click Gmail’s “Report not Spam”, but that’s not 100% guaranteed to work, and it can be pretty devastating for business if you miss even 1% […]

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How to Use Your Website to Boost Your Customers’ Trust in You

By Keith on May 20, 2019

You know your products are great. Your mom knows your products are great. Your best friend knows your products are great. But all of this means nothing if your customers don’t know that your products are great. Your website is a powerful tool that improves your credibility. Here’s how to use your website to boost […]

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Key Tips on Narrowing Your Focus and Finding Your Ideal Client

By Keith on April 18, 2019

You’ve got an awesome product. Your website looks great. You have a well-trained team. Perfect! Now it’s time to figure out who, exactly, will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. Finding your target customer isn’t as easy as you might have imagined, so if you’re struggling to build a dedicated customer base, don’t get […]

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Reaching customers outside of your target audience

By Keith on April 17, 2019

Here’s a question from a reader: “Could you create an article about reaching customers outside of your typical bucket?” The reader is wondering: how do you reach prospects outside of your typical target audience? My take on this is: Why would you want to? What’s the reason why you’d like to get a different type […]

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Always use a branded email address

By Keith on April 10, 2019

If you’re not careful you can get scammed on Craigslist – but I bet I don’t have to tell you that. One common scam deals with buying used cars from a private seller. A buyer will find a car on Craigslist, go out to see the car and when they look closer find that there’s […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Give Away a Free Sample of Your Services

By Keith on April 08, 2019

It seems counter-intuitive: you give a potential customer a free sample in order to get them to spend money. Why would you want to spend time on a free offering when you could be working on business for paying clients? Yet the notion of giving a “freebie” is actually a powerful sales tool, regardless of […]

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