Six Ways to Deal With Negative Reviews

By Keith on March 04, 2021

Unfortunately, for every 100 customers that can’t get enough of your product, you’ll probably encounter one or two people who don’t have kind things to say. Whether their assessment is true or you’re dealing with a troll, you’ll want to address these negative reviews in order to let the person feel heard and to prevent […]

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6 Things Customers Want From Your E-Commerce Site

By Keith on February 09, 2021

When a potential customer visits your brand’s e-commerce website, there’s a high likelihood that they’re engaged and are actively looking to make a purchase. Keep your sales flowing and your brand blossoming by ensuring that your site has these must-have components:   Clear images A potential purchaser who is browsing your site wants to be […]

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5 Design Trends to Watch For in 2021

By Keith on January 05, 2021

It’s a new year (finally!) and while you’re probably focusing on resolutions and hitting reset after 2020, don’t forget to spend some time considering your web presence, too. If you’re thinking about giving your website a new look this year, here are some design trends to pay attention to in 2021: 3D elements Humans are […]

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How to Tell If Your Website Is User-Friendly

By Keith on December 03, 2020

While you’re probably hoping that your website increases sales, adds to your subscriber base, or raises awareness about your brand, ultimately you also want it to provide a positive user experience, too. Here are some ways to tell if your website is as intuitive and user-friendly as it should be:   It’s easy to navigate […]

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7 Important Tasks to Take Care of Before You Launch Your Website

By Keith on November 13, 2020

You’ve gone back and forth with your designer for months. You’ve teased a “big surprise” on your brand’s social media channels. There’s only one thing left to do…it’s time to launch your company’s new website! While this is inevitably an exciting time for your business, here are seven things to take care of before your […]

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5 Reasons Your Customers Hate Your Website Redesign

By Keith on September 11, 2020

Just as you handle home improvements regularly to keep your space looking fresh, website redesigns are a necessary part of keeping your online presence in tip-top shape. Whether it’s redoing your landing page or updating how your photos display on the site, these tweaks make a major difference in your web presence. But before you […]

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Why You Should Create a Website for your Side Hustle

By Keith on August 04, 2020

Whether it’s photography or tutoring, a side hustle is a great way to indulge a creative hobby and make a little extra cash. Even if your side venture only takes up a couple of hours per week, it’s still worth building an online presence for the business. Here’s why: Establish credibility Before opting to work […]

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The Real Power of Testimonials

By Keith on July 13, 2020

Think about the last time you went to buy something on Amazon. What did you do before adding the item to your cart? If you’re like most people, you probably checked out the pictures, read the description of the product, and then scrolled down to the reviews. If everyone loved it, you’re probably going to […]

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How to Create an Email Newsletter People Actually Want to Read

By Keith on June 08, 2020

These days, we all get lots of email. That shop you bought one sweater from seven years ago? You’re getting their daily updates somehow. Though some of these email newsletters can be pesky, it’s certainly possible to create email marketing content that people will be excited to read. Here are some tips: Set the tone […]

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5 Tips To Make it Easy for Customers to Find Your Website

By Keith on May 04, 2020

In these strange times, a solid, easy-to-use website is an essential element for your business’s survival. If you primarily relied on in-person shopping, a shift to a robust e-commerce platform can help make up for lost revenue. But since your site has become critically important in the last few weeks, it’s time to make sure […]

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How to Use Your Website To Keep Your Business Strong During an Uncertain Time

By Keith on April 07, 2020

Businesses of all sizes are directly impacted by the pandemic that’s wreaking havoc on the world right now. Though, inevitably, adjustments need to be made, you can use your website as a tool to help propel your business forward during this international crisis. Here are some tips for doing so: Expand your offerings If you […]

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The Surprising Reasons Why a Bigger Logo Isn’t Necessarily Better

By Keith on March 05, 2020

Having a massive logo on your website probably feels important. How else will you get potential customers to remember you, right? While branding your site and making sure your logo is present is certainly an important part of effective website design, it’s actually possible to harm your site’s overall user experience by going overboard with […]

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