How does your website taste?

By Keith on January 28, 2019

Last week I was at a birthday party where there was a special-order cake. The party was for a foodie and the cake was custom made to look like a hamburger. It caught everyone’s attention as soon as they walked in the door – I’ve never seen anything like it in person. You could tell […]

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Stop doing business tasks you hate

By Keith on January 23, 2019

I hate making logos. There was a point where I would dread every time a new logo project came in. Logo design has never clicked with me the way that web design does. Every minute working on a logo was a struggle. It would easily take me three times longer to create a logo compared […]

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What to Expect From Web Design in 2019

By Keith on January 17, 2019

It’s hard to believe we’re in 2019 already. Hey, they say that time flies when you’re having fun! Whether you’re in the market for a complete website redesign, some small updates, or you’re committing to finally building your business a site for the first time, it’s good to be aware of the design trends we’re […]

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Failure is good in business

By Keith on January 13, 2019

In Silicon Valley, tech companies don’t launch with a complete and polished product. Instead they start with a “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP). The MVP is a stripped down, most basic version of their service with only the bare essentials. The goal is to immediately see how their customers respond. If the response is good then […]

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Dealing With Headache Clients

By Keith on January 11, 2019

People will sometimes say to me: “I wish I could be picky with my clients like you are. I can’t wait until I get to that point.” My response is usually the same… That time doesn’t just come one day – you have to make it happen. It’s not like you come into work one […]

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Are you a hunter or farmer in your business?

By Keith on January 09, 2019

For the first several years of my business I thought the best way to attract new clients was to keep my prices low to compete with other web developers. After all, lower rates means more work, right? I was right, I was able to attract a lot of clients. The bad news was that I […]

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Three Easy Steps for Building an Editorial Calendar

By Keith on January 03, 2019

If one of your 2019 resolutions revolved around giving your company’s blog some much needed TLC, terrific! Having a strong content marketing plan in place is an essential part of finding success as a business owner. One of the first places to start is developing an editorial calendar for your blog. I know, it sounds […]

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What was the favorite thing you read in 2018 to help your business?

By Keith on December 27, 2018

Hopefully you enjoyed your Christmas! Did you read any good books in 2018 that helped your business? If so, which ones? Hit “reply” and let me know, I’d love to hear and add to my reading list for 2019. I’ll go first: by far the best book I read in 2018 was Badass Your Brand, […]

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Don’t wear a mask on your website

By Keith on December 19, 2018

Imagine that you’re looking for somebody to roof your house. You’ve scoured the internet and had a few people come to your place to give you a quote. After a few duds, the perfect contractor finally comes. He’s polite, says all of the right things, knows his stuff, has endless references and a fair price. […]

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How to tell if your website has had a successful year

By Keith on December 18, 2018

As 2018 draws to a close (it’s hard to believe!) it’s the perfect time to stop and reflect. While some personal reflection is great, take some time and think about how the year has been for your business too. As far as your website goes, here are some ways to gauge if 2018 was as […]

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Clean out the clutter

By Keith on December 14, 2018

I changed the oil in my snowblower last weekend. Changing the oil is usually a pretty easy task. But I’ve been neglecting my garage organization for a bit and I’ve built up a lot of clutter. So instead, a half hour job stretches out to an hour and a half as I curse and kick […]

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Working ON your business vs IN your business

By Keith on December 12, 2018

Like you, one of the reasons why I started my business was because I wanted to have control over my life. I want to work on projects I enjoy. I want to create my own schedule. And I want to be free to make my own business decisions. But sometimes, instead of being free, it […]

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